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Isolated strong to severe storms possible after 5pm on Thursday!

I believe there is a marginal threat for severe thunderstorms tomorrow evening between 5pm and MIDNIGHT! 

Warm southwesterly flow with the approaching cold front, with temperatures climbing into the 80s and dew point temperatures in the 30s is going to set the stage for possible damaging wind gusts. We've seen this scenario pan out before. 

Hot afternoon temperatures, an approaching cold front, and limited moisture at the surface w/ high based thunderstorm development. Perfect recipe for damaging wind gusts! So, be aware of the possibility! 

Tie down objects outside that could be relocated, or bring them inside. Blowing dust, reduced visibility, downed trees/power lines, and sporadic power outages are also possible. The last round of NAM12 model data showing the worst of the wind gusts between Boise and Twin Falls; however I believe the threat does include our entire forecast area. 

I mentioned a few cities in the graphic just to give everyone reference points, so just because your city isn't specifically mentioned doesn't mean you're not at risk! Also, remember I have a couple of awesome business sponsors standing by in case you do experience tree or property damage. Blue Ribbon Landscape & Maintenance and Treasure Valley Tree Company. I'll keep everyone updated! No reason to be alarmed. Just have a plan.

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